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Grandfather's Half
Oil on Board
24 x 24
The Tree that brought me to Life
Oil on Board
30 x 40
Eternal Becoming
Oil on Board
44 x 37

I sat on a lake shore and faced each direction.

To the East, Eternal Becoming.
To the West, Forever To Be and Was.
To the South, The Particular.
To the North, The Whole.

These are the sensations I felt when I was quiet and listened. This learning is more than what can be understood by looking at the world as it seems. The north is just north, but when it speaks I want to know what it means.

These paintings come from dreams and moments in silence. I interpret the behavior of the dream event as a pattern. Repeating shapes, movement, positive and negative space is language before words. The symbols reflect the fluctuating nature of the messages from the subconscious. Because they are not representative images, the meaning changes as the viewer matures. The more I listen the more I understand these dreams are not specific to myself. They are dreams about sharing, about being connected to others, and all matter.