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Between Spring and Summer
Between Spring and Summer
Oil on Clayboard
30 x 40

I walked through the fence
outside the safety of the village
determined to retrieve my folding.
The wind dared me to go.

I bent to pick up a white cloth.
It flew up as a white bird
and the field of dirt
exploded into birds.
They rose up in Joy. In Joy
to meet the old crow who welcomed
them to the sky. As one flock.

Hungry, the crow split off to hunt
alone, to leave its own.
But the little sparrows were still
attached in love. The crow struck
one devotee in mid-air.

A red explosion of blood and flesh
rained to the field.
Earthbound creatures came
to gather their meal.

I bent to pick up a piece.
It was a fish
It was the crow
Below a snake rattled its tail.
Do not follow